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Our Mission

To unite, promote and showcase Vietnamese beauty Worldwide

Our mission Statement

To establish and internationally recognize the Vietnamese Universal Beauty Queen Beauty Pageant as the official beauty pageant that has set a new benchmark to honor all the qualities of the ideal Vietnamese Universal Beauty Queen queen/title holder.

Our Short Term Objectives

1. Establish and complete website. This is the stage one of recruiting contestants who have internet access. The website will also have a forum function for interactions and polls to develop fan base. More importantly, it's a method to create heavy traffic to attract sponsors/advertisers. Website will be designed for easy navigation and advertisement friendly.

2. To recruit a strong marketing and public relations team to help magnetize sponsor and advertisers.

3. Generate partnership/working relationships with Vietnamese based grassroots organizations, targeting ideal demographics to that of show audience.

4. Establish and generate sufficient amount of sponsors and advertisers to operate the beauty pageant. There will need to be a preliminary event ideally three months prior to the Finals of the beauty pageant to draw such sponsors and advertisers.

5. To launch the first annual Vietnamese Universal Beauty Queen Beauty Pageant as soon as possible.

6. Merchandise products such as DVD, Videos, and calendars of selected contestants will need to be available prior and after the show.

Our Long Term

1. Successfully launch the first annual Vietnamese Universal Beauty Queen with/without a major Vietnamese entertainment production.

2. Gain major media attention for successful first annual Vietnamese Universal Beauty Queen.

3. To collaborate with the official international competition around the world and send our winner to their competition.

4. Maintain a minimal of adequate percent margin from profit, to reinvest into show and expansion.

We are looking forward to work with reputable business in this first phase to get start as follow:

1. Complete the website
2. Financially stable
3. Officially launch our organization
4. Launch our advertising campaign
5. Launch our first show
6. Turn into annually tradition

Contact Our Organization For More Information

Our official websites:
 English: VUBQ.ORG

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